Throughout menopause, your physique goes by way of a whole lot of modifications. They embrace your weight, physique form, and hormone ranges. However the excellent news is there are methods to really feel your finest throughout this time.

Within the WebMD webinar “How Menopause Impacts Your Weight,” Beverly Tchang, MD, talked about these modifications, together with what causes them and what instruments will help you’re feeling higher. She’s an endocrinologist at Weill Cornell Drugs in New York Metropolis, the place she’s additionally program director of the weight problems drugs fellowship. She’s co-founder of the nonprofit Tri-state Weight problems Society.

“Menopause actually impacts lots of people’s high quality of life. I urge you to ask your physician for assist with the signs and weight administration,” she says. 

“Menopause is pure, nevertheless it would not should be uncomfortable. You don’t have to undergo by way of it.”

Ballot Questions

Over 1,800 webinar viewers have been requested about their menopause signs.

Stomach fats was the primary symptom for 73% of ballot respondents. 

Over 40% mentioned maintaining a healthy diet helps their menopause signs.

Why Does Menopause Have an effect on Your Weight?

Your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone ranges fall throughout menopause. This could have an effect on your physique form.

“The reality is menopause itself would not trigger weight acquire, however we do see a whole lot of physique composition modifications,” says Tchang. “That refers back to the method fats, muscle, water, and bone make up your physique.”

Ageing may very well be what causes weight acquire throughout menopause, whereas menopause modifications how our physique is made up. Your quantity of fats might go up throughout ageing and menopause, and on the similar time, you could lose muscle mass. For that reason, your weight might keep the identical, however your form might change. 

How Can You Overcome Menopause-Associated Weight Modifications?

You possibly can fight the discomfort throughout menopause by way of food plan and train. If these aren’t sufficient, speak to your physician about weight reduction drugs

Viewer Questions

How are you aware you’re in menopause?

Is menopause the identical for younger ladies surgically put into menopause by ovary removing?

How lengthy after menopause can signs like sizzling flashes proceed? When is it a good suggestion to report these to your physician?

What’s the most effective physician for overseeing each menopause and weight administration?

We decide whether or not you are in menopause by way of a dialogue between you and your physician. You will chat about what signs you could have, you’ll be certain that it isn’t the rest (like a thyroid situation), and you could do blood work to verify in case your estrogen ranges are low, or if different associated hormones are too excessive.

However even when these hormone ranges come again regular, you possibly can nonetheless have some signs of menopause. It may be laborious to inform, which is one purpose it’s essential to have an in-depth dialog together with your physician.

This webinar principally covers what we name pure menopause, which is a part of your pure ageing course of. Some folks have surgical removing of their ovaries and undergo early menopause of their 30s or early 40s. This can be a totally different medical situation that has a special set of dangers and potential advantages from drugs like hormone substitute remedy. It’s totally different from pure menopause.

Report any signs as quickly as you think they’re associated to menopause. Some suppose menopause begins with irregularly timed intervals. That is not essentially true. 

The truth is, a change within the high quality of your intervals is a sign menopause is likely to be beginning. That would imply modifications within the size of your intervals, or the heaviness of them. Any change generally is a sign. So in the event you see that, along with different signs (sizzling flashes, fatigue, weight, modifications, and so on.) speak to your physician as quickly as doable.

Medical doctors who handle menopause are endocrinologists or obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs). You additionally may additionally wish to converse with a nutritionist and a private coach. You could find these consultants on or

Please focus on “apron stomach,” the stomach fats linked to menopause. Are there workout routines or diets that concentrate on this? Are suggestions totally different for girls over 70?

How does alcohol have an effect on menopause signs?

Are there any free, on-line, muscle-building applications you advocate?

“Apron stomach” is quite common. How we supply weight is predicated on biology. Some hormones, like insulin, could cause you to realize weight across the center. So, in case you have well being circumstances (like diabetes) that trigger you to have extra insulin hormone, these could cause you to have extra stomach fats.

So far as train, there’s nothing that targets a selected space of fats. It’s a matter of total healthiness, bodily exercise, and cardiovascular exercise, together with having a great food plan and rising your muscle mass to spice up your metabolism. However a whole lot of that is pushed by your biology, hormones, and genetics. That is why some diets work for one particular person, however not one other. It is essential to speak to your physician to see if there are different medical therapies that is likely to be simpler.

For folks over 70, there’s an inclination to lose extra muscle mass. However you want that muscle mass to guard you from heart problems and osteoporosis (weak bones) and from falls. So, we really don’t desire older folks to lose an excessive amount of weight. That’s as a result of once you drop some weight, you lose a mixture of fats and muscle. The one technique to handle that’s to ensure you’re power coaching. It’s the important thing to preserving muscle mass and permitting fats loss to occur, extra than simply total weight reduction. That is true for any age.

By way of alcohol, ingesting it will increase our blood stream. When you could have sizzling flashes, that additionally will increase your blood stream. That is why you could really feel flushed and begin sweating. If you devour alcohol (if you have already got sizzling flashes), you may make it worse. As for life-style modifications, we would advocate decreasing how a lot alcohol you drink. It’s not which you can’t drink any pink wine once more throughout menopause, nevertheless it’s one thing to pay attention to. Everyone seems to be affected in another way.

There are a number of muscle-building supplies on-line. You possibly can go onto YouTube or different well being web sites to search out assets for strength-building workout routines. In case you’re undecided the place to start out, converse together with your physician. Or go to your native health club and ask to satisfy with a private coach. This can be a safer choice. They will educate you correct type to make sure you don’t get harm.

Focus on the hyperlink between hormone substitute remedy and dementia or coronary heart assault.

For girls on breast most cancers drugs, like anastrozole or tamoxifen, the place hormone substitute is discouraged, are there options?

For over-the-counter meds for menopause or weight reduction, how are you aware in the event that they’re efficient and protected?

The Girls’s Well being Initiative examine surveyed 1000’s of ladies within the U.S. It regarded precisely at this query: What are the advantages and dangers of hormone substitute remedy?

They gave estrogen or progesterone, or the mixture of them, to girls after they have been 60 years previous – about 10 years after menopause. What we found, taking a look at that, was that we sort of missed the boat. It has been 10 years since your physique had any estrogen and progesterone. We predict that that’s a part of the explanation we noticed elevated danger in dementia and coronary heart assault. Take into account that, whereas their danger went up, it was nonetheless fairly low.

It’s best to completely keep away from hormone substitute remedy in case you have breast most cancers. Particularly breast most cancers that’s being actively handled with these drugs. Options embrace non-hormonal choices. They might assist with sizzling flashes from menopause. There aren’t a ton of non-hormonal choices. However there’s analysis trying into extra non-hormonal remedies that do not trigger weight acquire. Chat together with your physician about the most effective choices for you.

Watch out with dietary supplements and over-the-counter therapies. The complement business within the U.S. isn’t regulated. They do not have 10 years of testing like different drugs do. They could include issues not on the ingredient label, or contaminants. It may very well be a sugar tablet, or it might include nothing in any respect.

There are non-hormonal menopause remedy choices that’ve been well-studied as dietary supplements. They’ve been proven to scale back sizzling flashes. Ask your physician about these.

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